HOLLYWOOD to DOLLYWOOD - It all started with a dream and a RV named JOLENE
GARY AND LARRY LANE, Producers and leads

Gary and Larry Lane were born and raised in Goldsboro, North Carolina. Most of their fondest childhood memories come from this quaint little town, along with their strong, yet semi-strict family upbringing.  

Currently, the Lane Twins are living the high life in Los Angeles, California, soaking the sun up with all the other angels. When asked about being identical twins, the Lane brothers say they always think of it as being a very special and wonderful gift. A gift that they are using to their benefit in reaching Hollywood stardom. It has already opened so many doors for these two, that they have had roles in such big flicks as "Spiderman," "Zoolander," and "The Patriot" and 2 national commercials under their belts- Dr. Scholls Gellin Gellin, and Commerce bank. They are also the first ever $50,000 winners of NBC's Fear Factor.  

They are so thankful for this gift, yet so much more thankful for the gift of family. In the end, it all boils down to the tremendous love and support they received from their family.  

As for their latest venture "Hollywood to Dollywood", we grew up listening to Dolly's music and always thought she was an amazing person. So why not write a screenplay about her, and go on a cross country roadtrip to try to put it in her hands! Also asked her for 15 of her songs to use in the film, and have to go on a crazy show on ABC called WIPEOUT and win $50,000 just to pay for the songs!  

JOHN LAVIN, Director and editor   

Hailing from the foothills of the Appalachians, not far from Dollywood, John has been a fan of country, bluegrass and roots music since he was knee-high to a grasshopper.  And tackling the epic sprawl of a cross-country road-trip documentary for his first feature was a thrill since it centered on the incomparable Ms. Dolly Parton.  

As owner of the LA-based production company, Bloodrush Films, John has been responsible for directing and editing numerous pilot presentations, music videos, EPK’s and web series. Sought by many of the nation's top media producers, Bloodrush Films is known specifically for its ability to bring new and innovative ideas for film, television and web to life.  Clients hire Bloodrush for their ability to creatively turn abstract concepts into successful reality shows, sizzle reels, and opening sequences. They count among their clients some of North America’s top producers and media outlets.  

Bloodrush synthesizes concepts, raw footage, graphics, music and story to create original, highly-impactful short content.  In arenas ranging from politics and social services to lifestyle and entertainment Bloodrush Films provides both the style and structure that makes compelling, informative, and entertaining programming.  

MIKE BOWEN, Producer and lead  

Designer Michael Bowen was born in Lakewood, Ohio in 1974.  At the age of 20 Michael moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film and design.  Michael began work immediately in both fields, first as an art department coordinator and then as a production designer on several films and television productions.  Michael used the knowledge he gained to begin the highly successful production design house “2DESIGN” where he became the production designer and on-air “design guru” for “extra” television.  

Recently Michael has brought his talents to a completely unique venture.  He has founded BowenBirdhouses.com a company that provides Hollywood quality miniature versions of real homes built as birdhouses.  

In “Hollywood to Dollywood” Michael not only joins the twins on their cross country journey; he also designed the interior of the RV, Jolene. He was inspired by all things Dolly.  Dollyʼs love of butterflies inspired him to cover the whole back wall in paper butterflies. In addition Michael created a custom birdhouse built to resemble her childhood home in hopes of presenting it to her personally on the trip.
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